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It was said by pilgrims in the past, that two trips to St Davids was equal to one trip to Rome. On this journey, Nine Wells had the last well to quench the thirst, before reaching the Cathedral city.

Later Nine Wells took the title of the only settlement in the UK to have its name spelt wrongly by the council in its road side name sign - Naw Fynnnon (with 1 'n' too many). But times have moved on and nowadays Nine Wells has a correct sign for the small settlement which straddles the A 487, 1 mile west of Solva and 2 miles short of St Davids.

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The underground reservoir at Nine Wells and the old water tower to supply St Davids near Llandruidion.

Why this web site?

The urgency of this web site became apparent in 2009 when the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority considered demolishing the historic Water Tower which supplied the City of St Davids with water for some 60 years.

As part of our industrial heritage and a landmark on the St Davids peninsula, another part of our local history would have been lost if the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority had gone ahead and allowed the water tower to be demolished when this beacon really needs preservation status.

Quote at the time from the Park, ' There is currently a stone structure [historic water tower] which has been there for over a century and we feel that it is time for that section of the skyline to be improved. The current structure is visually intrusive if not something of a curiosity for locals and visitors to the area alike.'

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For reasons of saving our heritage and keeping them alive for future generations, this web site is intended to be a source of information on the Nine Wells area.

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